DNA Diagnostic Gene Analysis

“Three letters in the genetic code can often say more than a thousand words”, today it only takes a little bit of saliva for a pain free diagnostic-genetic analysis. Aim of the diagnostic-genetic analysis is a better clarification of a consisting disease or health disturbance. These analyses can help to determine whether a patient has a genetic property that – in combination with outer factors or foreign agents - can trigger a disease or health disturbance or whether he has a genetic property that will influence the effects of medication or whether the patient has a genetic property that can prevent a disease or health disturbance.

The diagnostic-genetic analysis is carried out in our practice according to the German gene-diagnostic law that came into effect in 2010. We cooperate with experienced laboratories that specialize in genetic diagnostics.   


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Therapy Spectrum 


ACS - Autologous Conditioned Serum


ACP - Autologous Conditioned Plasma


ACBM - Autologous Concentrated Bone Marrow


Hyaluronic Acid


Alternative Therapies 




DNA Analysis