Prolotherapy – Stimulating the body’s natural healing ability

Prolotherapy works by stimulating our body’s natural ability to heal wounds and repair injured tissue, such as ligaments and tendon. Prolotherapy or proliferation therapy is a word of latin origin combined of proles and ferre, which means „bringing offspring“ – in medical term meaning „cell reproduction“.

Our musculoskeletal system consists of much more than just bone and joints. Muscle and tendons are equally important. Tendons stabilize joint structures and ensure physiological joint movement. A healthy, physiological joint activity of all large joints, such as knee, hip, shoulder or spinal joints can only be assured when all structures are in a good condition. Most common cause of chronic joint or back pain is due to wear out of tendons and ligaments.

Prolotherapy – repeated injections of glucose around the worn out tendons and muscle - addresses natural, physiological repair phases of wound healing by creating an inflammation of tissue, which causes granulation and tissue remodeling.

This safe and effective method is well tolerated by patients and consists of around 4 - 8  sessions.