Dr. Michael John, MD

Dr. John is a medical specialist in orthopedics. He gained his surgical experience at the Behandlungszentrum Vogtareuth/Germany (under head physician Dr. Harald Eckhardt) with the focal point joint prosthetics, spine surgery, sports injuries and rehabilitation as well as at the Kinderkrankenhaus in Aschau/Germany (under head physician Dr. Corell) in pediatric surgery. After his board certification Dr. John worked for 10 years as senior physician at the Alpha Klinik in Munich/Germany under head physician Dr. Thomas Hoogland with the focus on minimal invasive, endoscopic spine surgery and interventional pain therapy. His dissertation about a new, endoscopic spinal technique for degenerative spine disease sparked his first interest in adult stem cells. The results of this scientific work showed that adult stem cells (from the bone marrow of the vertebral body) that were induced into painful, dry intervertebral discs, were able to build a new, functional nucleus and successfully reduce the pain (Source: M.John, T.Hoogland et al: Die perkutane, transforaminale, endoskopische Diskusabrasion: Eine neue interventionelle Therapie zur Regeneration schmerzhaft degenerativer lumbaler Bandscheiben, 2007). Dr. John was head of orthopedics at a clinic in Cologne that focuses exclusively on the therapeutic use of adult, autologous stem cells for various degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases prior to opening his private practice in Leipzig in June 2010, which has moved to Schweinfurt am Main in February 2017. Since 2008 Dr. John has been a member of the German Society for Regenerative Medicine.

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Agnes B. John - Practice Management

Agnes John is a Bachelor Professional (CCI) of Social and Health Services. She has overseen the international patient relations and international PR for the Munich based Alpha Klinik from 2000 - 2008. As a freelancer in medical PR and management she has accompanied the Beta Klinik in Bonn during the construction and opening stages in 2008 and supported further Cologne and Dusseldorf based clinics in their certification and development phases. Since 2010 she has been managing Stemedical´s operative actions and patient support. 

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