ACS - Autologous Conditioned Serum

The therapy with Autologous (the bodies’ own) Conditioned Serum is a new treatment method for orthopedic diseases. Venous whole blood is collected from the arm vein into special collective tubes. The tubes are softly rocked and later stored standing in an incubator at 37 degrees Celsius (98,6 Fahrenheit) for about 6 – 8 hours. This long-standing period permits the active white blood cells to come in contact with small glass-globules that are located inside of the special tubes. This contact stimulates the white blood cells to produce a natural, anti-inflammatory protein, the so-called cytokine.

Cytokines are proteins that regulate the growth and differentiation of cells in the human body. 5 main groups of cytokines are distinguished; for the therapy with ACS we are most interested in the cytokines, that are growth factors, and in the so-called interleukins. Interleukins are messengers of the immune system; they regulate and coordinate our immune defense cells (leucocytes) in the fight against pathogenic germs or tumor cells.

Interleukin-1 is a signal cue that hoists inflammation. The controlled inflammation and destruction of cells and connective tissue in the human body is often needed to combat germs, defects or abnormal cells outside of the bloodstream, thus in the body tissue. In some chronic and acute inflammations this natural immune defense mechanisms can get out of control. In such cases Interleukin-1 connects in great quantities to cartilage cells (chondrocytes) and provokes a release of cartilage destroying enzymes. A natural immune reaction with Interleukin-1 in an injured or degenerative altered joint or disc cartilage can get out of control and cause major cartilage destruction. Interleukin-1 can be neutralized by means of another body protein, the Interleukin-1 antagonist. The ACS therapy was based on these bimolecular observations. The injection of ACS for arthritis, muscle- and tendon injuries as well as for spine problems has proven to be safe and effective in both in human- and animal trials.

This minimally invasive therapy reestablishes the natural balance of the anti- and pro-inflammatory substances. The ACS-therapy has been for a number of years a well-established treatment option for arthritis. It has also proven effective in the treatment of back pain, where the pain reduction has shown to last longer than the conventional cortisone-therapy - with much less side effects.

Effects of the bodies own protein therapy ACS:

·      Anti inflammatory

·      Pain reduction

·      Protects the cartilage

·      Enhances mobility

·      Reduces the swelling of the nerve root

·      Can be applied for patients with an additional Diabetes Mellitus (alternative to cortisone) 


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